Bought this 6 months ago from Chester999 from the forum. He never fitted and now I haven't either. No reason for either, just haven't had time as I'm getting married soon and have lots of things going on at the moment and I think Chester went for a larger turbo and didn't need it.

It comes with the gaskets and bolts needed. Searching the forum, it seems really easy to fit and creates lovely pops and bangs on the overrun. It will feel like an up in power as it lets the turbo spool faster and works well with a stage 2 map.

Located in South Shields near Newcastle. I can deliver within 20 miles if needed or will post it. If it doesn't sell in 5 days then I'll keep it and fit it, as I've sold myself on it again ;) I borrowed the photo from eBay, it's exactly like mine.