Hi I'm selling my 1.8t a3 s3 replica it was my pride and joy until I bought my s3 now it only really gets driven when I move it from the front of the garage to put my s3 away:) It is not looking it's best at the mo but with a little tcl could be a very nice car again. When I bought it 3 years ago it had an s3 rear spoiler been lowered 30mm all round and had tt wheels on it since then I have had a front and rear genuine bumpers side skirts and front wings too all sprayed up in lz5k so looks like a propper s3 inside it has recaro seats from an evo 5 they look good but are from a 5 door so have to wind them forward to get some one in the back bit of a pain! Has a scratch on the passenger rear wing and the odd age related marks. Drivers side where bumper meets wing has a crack on it and someone stole the drivers side fog light grill have both fogs one has cracked glass under the bonnet it has a bailey atomostheric dump valve was on it when I bought it and a piper cross panel filter I have regularly serviced it my self and has been looked after. Also the rear bumper has cracking to the paint it has 18" bbs lm reps which are not looking there best but tyres are ok needs a few bit and bobs doing to get it back as it was but would also be a nice project it has done 150000 miles but still does not miss a beat has tax and mot any more info pm me or email thanks forgot to add its agu engine