Audi S3 Silicone Hoses (Red), £35 Delivered or £30 Collected from Sheffield.
Here is my set of silicone hoses for and Audi S3 8L, these have only been used for a month and decided to change the setup of my engine bay so these are no longer needed.
2x of the Hoses are made by Creation Motorsport which i payed £50 new which is the 1.8T 20VT PCV LOWER BREATHER PIPE & the CRANKCASE BREATHER PIPE
1x Hose is made by SFS which i payed £15 for which is the Brake servo hose.
these are in immaculate condition as new really and are a great little mode to remove the old tired breather pipes.
As far as i know i has these on my audi S3 AMK Engine but i have been led to believe that they will fit on AMK, BAM, AUM, AUQ, AWW Engines but please check before buying.
I am selling these at half the price you would pay if you where buying them new