Bought an S3 front bumper for my A3 and came with the lower grills

I dont have foglights currently and have seen another user on here who has meshed the area where these lower grills usually sit and I will be doing the same, so these lower grills are for sale

Left Lower:
P/N � 8L98076813FZ Price: �20.50

Centre Lower:
P/N � 8L98076833FZ Price: �29.14

Right Lower:
P/N � 8L9807682A3FZ Price: �20.24

This info is copied from the A3 to S3 guide in the FAQ Stickies and I'm relying on Ruairi83's information regarding part numbers and im guessing the prices have gone up as he posted these prices up over 3 and a half years ago

Anyway I'm looking for £50 posted, will be using 24 hour next day Fedex service

Pictures will be up tonight, any questions please drop me a PM