This cluster is part number 8L0 920 980 EX. Brand new, bought to fit my car to replace one with a slightly different part number. Coded it in but doesn't work with my engine immobiliser. Must be due to the different part number, apparently fits a3/s3 1.6 1.8 1.8t. As you can see DIS is perfect (should be, it's new). Mileage is set as per my car but this can be changed by someone who can code the dash in anyway (or me!). I may be able to change it for you but the dash still needs coding to the car, as with ANY replacement.

Please ensure suitable for your car before bidding - like I should have done! My year 2000 car has the AJQ engine, think that's the problem, there is a specific dash part number for that year for the AJQ and APP engine codes.

Basically should work with any engine *except* AJQ and APP.

The SKC / PIN code is supplied.

I have registered VCDS software and cable - so if you are nearby I can probably code it for you too!