I've just crashed my CQ 20v, lost the back end on some diesel or something, not sure what happened but the back slide in on the corner rather than out, seems very strange to me. Anyway my loss could be your gain. The back end is badly damaged and under 3rd Party insurance (I'm 22) I need to sell as much of it as I can. I am therefore breaking the car for parts so anybody that needs anything can contact me and I'll let you know if what you're after is still available, I'm looking for offers on parts rather than me setting a fee, I do have rough figures I'm looking for on parts, but they are all substantially below cost.
Theres a bloody lovely 2309cc 20v engine still in the car with no damage and running very sweetly, FSH 166K, maintained by an ex-works porsche mechanic for a while 3 owners inc me since it left Audi as a demonstrator.
OZ 6 spokes available 16" one wheel got broken in the crash but I have a 5th alloy, luckily! The only problem is that the tread runs the same as 2 of the good wheels.Doh.

Email me at James.Pill@gmail.com with your request.
Pics pre crash can be seen by following the link

more info on ebay, search for "breaking audi coupe parts" think its the only thing that comes up