1st of all happy new year to you all!

Can anyone please help with good ideas about the recent trouble I have experienced.
While driving on motorway to Luxembourg (much colder then UK )
several times this problem occured.
Say driving 70mph the rev/engine cuts off for about 1-3-5 seconds then
as the car still has speed and still in gear gets back to work and drives well.
It has happened about 4 times with approx 30min intervals.
while engine cuts off only oil pressure light comes up 4 a blink of an eye.
None of the other warning lights...
Can't see any loose wire or fuel leak.( no smell ).Stopped for a break
and then drove again and this little magic ( just passed 187,000 )got me to my destination.
Starts first time always.Fuel pump sounds healthy it is actually has been replaced a year ago with filter.

Thank you!