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    Newly purchased '93 100E Avant - a couple of questions

    My cheap estate has already turned out to be absolutely brilliant and is getting far more use than expected. However, there are a couple of things I need a bit og guidance on.

    1. Auto-check system.

    It seems to work fine in that it lights up and says OK in bright orange (and I'm getting an intermittent brake pad wear warning which I'll investigate at weekend). However, the fuel warning never seems to come on. I ran it down until the needle was edging off the red and into the black (I like to know where I am with fuel guages) but I never got the warning light. At what point should it come on and how long have I got when it does?

    2. Timing belt. It was done a couple of years ago but I'm going to do it again for peace of mind. Does the tensioner need to be changed at the same time?


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    best to change tensioner for peace of mind, cheaper to do it now when its apart than wait for it to seize up .
    No idea about the fuel warning light though.

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    hi keithyboy,
    if you want tech advice and interest in your questions heres the classic audi forum.
    Classic Audi - Powered by vBulletin
    people arnt really interested in pre "a" series audis on here, which is a shame as they are far superior to modern audis.
    my 100.....

    2.8 "aah" quattro.

    what engine is yours?

    my fuel warning doesnt seem to come on until the guage doesnt even move when you put the ignition on. ive done maybe 5 miles in this state before the fuel light finally came on. then filled up at the nearest station.



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