Just a quick one to say thanks to Mark for the remap on my A4.

He travelled to my house and the map was done in a couple of hours including the test drive.

The remap still seems to be bedding in (it is a tiptronic box and took a few miles for the auto box to learn when to change up and down) but there is a definite improvement in performance.

The car pulls harder from lower revs, there is less of a lag between putting your foot down and taking off plus the revs are more consistent and pull evenly across the whole band. There is also a more marked difference between D and S on the auto box now rather than just a higher RPM before changing up.

As for MPG, I do two normal commutes. Today was the 35 mile one down the M40 and through High Wycombe which takes me up and down a massive steep hill which kills the average MPG. Today was about 36 MPG on the way home which is probably about 1 MPG more than normal. I have another 55 mile commute on Thursday and Friday which normally sees about 37 or 38 MPG so I will report back on that one...

But overall I think good value for money - basically what I expected from the car in the first place!

Will definitely be getting Mark back to remap my girlfriend's A4 Avant 1.9