........watching videos / looking at albums covers using the xcarlink is fine,

.....but when the iPhone is mirrored for example on the home screen the resolution is Not as good, when u look at the apps on the home screen they are a bit fuzzy around the edges along with the text.-also the my you tube video of google navigation is not crisp.

to overcome the lack of clarity on the iPhone screen I plan the do the follwing.

rather than connect the iPhone to the xcarlink via a composite cable (single yellow cable which provides video), I would like to connect the iPhone via RGB (connecting video with 3 cables , there fore higher quality)

here is how I plant to do it.....

1) buy an iPhone VGA adapter.(connect adapter to the iPhone)

Apple 30-pin to VGA Adapter - Apple Store (UK)

2)buy an VGA to RCA adapter( connect VGA cable to apple adapter)

1.5m 15pin PC Computer Serial VGA Port to RGB RCA Phono/TV Video Lead Cable Cord | eBay

3)the 3 RCA ends (red , blue , green) then need to be connected to the RGB input of the xcarlink. (Cables will need to be crimped /spliced together)

Look forward to responses regarding this.