Looked though 10 pages of posts and just confused my self further.

I want to add a new head unit that will allow me to use USB or SD.

I'm looking at new headunits as I want full control over the music, and not just CD01, CD02 etc with the connects 2 adaptors.

There seems to be so many different adaptors out there, some needing me to run a ignition live feed others that do not.

Can anyone help with the connectors I need for the aftermarket kit.

I think I need the following -

Fascia adaptor - CT24AU06
Aerial adaptor
ISO adaptor - I want to retain the BOSE system and amp, but how do I know if its half or full amplified? Is this the correct kit - CT53-AU04?

Will I need to run any other cables such as a Ignition live?