So I have an 8L A3, that had the dreaded volume control issue... I wanted to seek a replacement that, a) wouldn't develop the same problem again and b) wasn't covered in blue lights and said hello when you switched it on. This lead me to look for a concert 2 unit.

While looking for one, I came across a complete bose setup from an S-line 8P for a good price, so thought worth a go I guess.
A few months later I made it fit... dont ask me how, because I cant remember, but it involved a lot of random bits of MDF and about a crate of relentless.

Now, all was well and good, and I was pretty satisfied... but as soon as I fitted it, I noticed the front tweeters sounded pretty harsh, I put this problem down to the fact they are mounted in a different place in the 8P and there might supposed to be an L-pad to even things out somewhere.
I initially solved this problem by turning the treble down a little bit, but it has since started to bug me that they do still sound a little harsh and particularly 'S'ey on some tracks and I've started to think they just maybe are **** tweeters.

SO, I am looking for recommendations on a good aftermarket tweeter, that will work with the bose amp etc and make the top end sound sweeter, it also has to be roughly the same size.

Cheers then!