I have a 2004 (54) plate A3 3 door 2.0Tdi which has a Bose Audi Concert (II) head unit which has the dodgy volume control problem. I have researched and researched again and again and there does not seem to be a definitive happy ending to the problem, if I buy a second hand Concert II off Ebay the chances are that it will go again shortly due to the unit eeprom problem. Nobody appears to have a definite cure by upgrading the software to stop it happening again either.
I dont want all singing all dancing upgrades , I just want to listen to the radio and the odd CD now and again without suffering ear damage.

So my question is which is the easiest OEM upgrade that I can get hold of that wont suffer the volume problem again, I dont want to change the overall look of the facia, I just want a CD radio that works reliably, what do you advise?