Hi guys, Our next step in the ongoing 20th Anniversary year of offers is on a brand new product to us.
This product is CompBrake big brake kits.
During this offer we will be offering 10% off the already reasonable retail prices of these brake kits which are built to an excelent standard.

Kits Include:
* 1 pair Compbrake racing calipers
* Precision machined mounting brackets
* R/H + L/H Powervane curved vane rotors
* 1 pair Aluminium Bells hard anodised to 40 microns
* Full set of high tensile bolts for caliper to bracket & bracket to car
* Full set of rotor to bell bolts aircraft type socket head bolts+ heat resistant locking nuts.

See HERE for prices!
As usual, If anyone has any questions, Feel free to PM one of us, or give us a ring on 0161 776 0777 (Opt1)