Another "Cool" Offer for you guys!

We have just dropped the price of the APR Front mount intercooler for the A3 2.0T-FSI and S3 Quattro 2.0 T-FSI down from 749 + VAT to 649 + VAT
This offer applies whilst stocks last and at the moment of typing this, We have Six in stock.
Click here to See!

We've also got the 2.5" and 3" High flow Cat and Downpipe assemblies available for the Audi A3 1.8T and TT Mk1 1.8T 2wd's now priced at 299 + VAT
Click to see 2.5" Downpipe Click to see 3" Downpipe
The 2.5" Downpipe will fit with your existing APR or Milltek cat-back system and the 3" Downpipe is an Ideal addition to a custom exhaust system!

As well as this, APR are also offering Two deals on their Remap software.

Offer 1 - Buy one program, get a second program free!*
Offer 2 - Buy two programs, get ALL the remaining programs for free!*

1.8T - Remap Only - 375 + VAT - Second program free!*
1.8T - Two Programs - 474 + VAT - ALL remaining programs free!*
1.8T - Fully loaded with cruise control Fitted - ASK!

2.0T - Remap Only - 499 + VAT - Second program free!*
2.0T - Two Programs - 598 + VAT - ALL remaining programs free!*
2.0T - Fully loaded with cruise control Fitted - ASK!

* Offer subject to your car having cruise control already fitted or having cruise control retro fitted at time of purchase.

If your car doesn't have cruise control as standard, then we can offer cruise control retro-fitted at a special rate in conjunction with the APR software offer!