Stay Cool This Summer!!

Car air conditioning systems need servicing regularly to be fully effective, so don’t get all hot and bothered treat your car’s air conditioning to a FREE healthcheck.

Lack of regular servicing can increase the susceptibility to allergies, asthma and infections, plus a neglected system can result in much larger bills if it fails and damages expensive components.

Awesome are offering the following Air Conditioning services:

FREE Air Conditioning Check-up
Get your air conditioning system checked out ready for the long hot summer.

 Automated air con diagnosis
 Check efficiency of air con cooling system
 Check that the gas used complies with BS standards

If required we can re-gas and service it for only Ł65 +VAT which is a massive 38% saving on the price of these services individually.

Air Conditioning Re-Gas
Get your air conditioning system charged ready for the hot weather.

 Fully automated air con recharging
 Air con system is cleaned out and refilled
 System re-operated and checked again

Air Conditioning Treatment Service
Awesome offers the Airco-clean as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers.

 Removes pollen and nicotine from the evaporator.
 Disinfects and eliminates microbes, fungi and bacteria.
 Removes cause of allergic reactions and unpleasant smells.

Most manufacturers and models can be accommodated, please call to check.

For more details of these services view our website

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