Once again APR have put together a world class engineered stage 3+ kit

Check out the video below.
APR is pleased to present the R8 4.2L FSI V8 Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System!
APR’s technical reach has grown enormously since opening in the 1990’s and currently represents a force of unmatched performance without compromise in the performance enhancement sector for Audi vehicles. Our previously available APR Stage III TVS1320 Supercharger System found its way on to several hundred 4.2L FSIs around the world, making it the most popular and reliable system on the market. With more than four years' worth of 4.2L FSI supercharger engineering research, development and testing, APR’s new Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System represents the pinnacle of Audi’s German engineering enhanced by APR’s American ingenuity.

As a dealer of APR, we believe we can offer some of the best software and hardware products for the VAG range in the world, and we are proud to be associated with them.
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