Originally I sold my B6 to replace it with a B8 Avant; then thought what's the point when the new car will be sitting on the driveway whilst I walk to work and make all business journeys via public transport. Plus my wife is on maternaty leave, so the Pug being such a problem free car would be suffice for a year (or should I say was problem free). This has given me more time to think about what I want, but thought I would call apon your service again.

To those few B8 2.0T avant owners out there; what are your views on your purchase. Do you have any regrets; 170TDI instead, optional extra choices, saloon sufficient for a family of 4......pros and cons.

I am currently looking at the S-Line, but SE and 170TDI views would also be appreciated. And to throw something in the mix; how about an A6 avant 170TDI instead?