I need help finding new brakes/caliper for my Audi A4 B7 2007 2.0TDI AVANT (170HK, 2WD).
My plan was to paint my calipers black and add EBC red stuff, but I don’t think painting the original calipers looks that good.
Ive also looked into the StopTech, Brembo and RS brakesystems but they are expensive.

So, my question is.
Does anyone know if there are any decent brakesystem that’s not that expensive which I can get with black calipers ?
I could also add some caliper cover to my current calipers if possible, but I do not like the “brembo” covers you find on eBay since they are waaay to huge when you get them on the car.

Can anyone help me out ? J

This is what I want mine to look like.