i'm new to the 1.8t engine, my car has a little problem.
Its a B7 1.8t quattro avant with 6 speed manual gearbox,
When i drive at low rpm there are no problems.
When i, lets say drive in 4th gear with 3000rpm and then shift back to 3th gear 3500rpm and than give some throttle, i can feel a single clunk/hesitation before the car takes of, when i rev the engine to lets say 4000rpm and then go back on the throttle there is almost no hesitation, its only there after a downshift.

what i changed:
-spak plugs
-engine mount
-snub mount
-air filter
-pcv pipe under the manifold
-pcv check valve under the manifold

- Checked diff mount
- Checked gearbox mount

it seems the problem is only present with the engine warm not there when cold. there are no fault codes, idle is also stable

Could this be a bad coils ?
any clues?