Right my car had been getting slow at starting as it seemed it was low on power. Just put it down to me playing with vagcom nearly all day when fitting cruise, dis etc... And almost running it down. Plus i only do 5 miles to work.

Then last Saturday while at castleford 105 miles away from home it didn't want to start at 8.30pm .
Breakdown came out and jump started it and said it should be fine in the morning. Then surprise it didn't start Sunday. So they came out again. Went and got a new battery fitted at halfords (what fun that was). It's not drop fit so we don't do them!. Luckily i had my tool kit and the bloke still gave me a hand. The car fired up straight away and has been fine all week while we were on holiday.

Main question, is there a way to check the alternator is charging correctly using vagcom?
Also the car is a little slow on cold start which I assume is probably just the plugs getting worn. They're about 18months old and probably done nearly 20k. Once it's warm it's fires straight up.