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    Weird engine sh@t today....wrong petrol?

    After 3 months in pownership and nearly 9k km's without a major issue....today was the Big One.....all of a sudden the car started making an variable, rattling, bright metallic noise at all speeds which I can only describe as if a metal plate was loose on the engine block. The car drove as normal but this noise was unreal!....Took it to two garages, one independent and the other Audi / VW and both cliamed it was a camchain back or tensioner which had gone.......whilst driving it the car back up to the agrage that I bought it from.....it just went away as mysteriosuly as it arrived. At the garage they were crticial of me only using Shell 95 and not an 98.....however, I have been using 95 since I bought the car with no issues.

    Any ideas?

    As I said the car was driving as normal with no warnings on the dash.


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    98 octane is recommended for all FSI engines, mainly due to it's lower suplhur content meaning the pre-cats have to be purged less often so you get better mpg with 98, but using 95 is perfectly fine (check the owners manual).

    Definitely sounds like something is loose from your description. Find an indie who specialise in VAG cars and get their opinion.
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    Thanks for the reply Dave. The garage had it all weekend....no fault codes, nothing loose and it ran perfectly with no issues.Just drove to Oslo and back 1100km's without a hitch!...I think it may well have been serious "pinging / pinking" whatever you want to call it.....been using 98 and a tank's worth of V Power 99 and it seems to be runnig better than ever......touch wood.
    And here was me thinkin gpetrol life was problem free after all the sh@t I had with diesels! hehehe

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