Hello all

I am new to this forum, as have recently puchased a 1998 A8 2.8 petrol.

Lovely car, well pleased for the money - wondering 2 things
It's throttle pedal pad has broken off, where would be the best place to get one from thats not an Audi main dealer price :-)

Secondly when creeping along at 40mph ish, with very llittle throttle input, the car seems to 'hunt' a bit - like a juddering but not a mechanical judder. Hard to explain other than imagine creeping along in traffic in an older car, in first, and it tends to leap about abit - very slightly - leap is a harsh term for what it actually does.. almost like a small wheel imbalance, but I don't think it is that as if I apply throttle or am accelerating everything is nice and smooth, on or off throttle is all good, resting my foot on the throttle to creep along seems a little 'rough' to me, like a badly idling engine.
any pointers welcome!