Hi, Driving home last night after a heavy downpour my wipers started to behave stangely, after a few more miles the headlights started flickering and eventualy went off momonteraly followed by the dash lights!! all the lights continued to have a mind of there own until i arrived home ( which was only a mile or so). Once home i checked the scuttle pan around the wiper motor to see if water had got in and ran down on top of the fusese & relays but it was bone dry. By this time i had one headlight & O/S repeater lamp permantly on with one rear indicator flashing, even with ignition key out. I disconnected the battery overnight to aviod it going flat. When i've reconnected it this morning i am still getting the repeater lamp fault but nothing else. Does anybody know of any issues with water getting in anywhere else that could cause these problems?

Thanks in advance