As normal the weather improves and the Air Con packs up. I have read the memory using vag com and get the following fault code : -

VAG-COM Version: Release 704.1
Address 08: Auto HVAC
Control Module Part Number: 4B0 820 043 F
Component and/or Version: A6-Klimavollautomat D61
Software Coding: 00064
Work Shop Code: WSC 02325
1 Fault Found:
00792 - A/C Pressure Switch (F129)
31-10 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent

Once the fault is deleted the Air con works again, for a little while!!!

Has anybody had this problem / know how to fix?? I think it is what it says the A/C Pressure switch has packed up and needs replacing, is this easy??

Any advice would be good !!!!!!