Hi Guys,

Have just had a mobile aircon guy round (well known in the area as a guy who know his job) to check the gas in my air con system as the car does not seem to get cold enough for my liking , checked it all out, gas ok and no leaks, suggested contact dealer as he did notice two things the air coming out from the right hand side middle vent is not so cool as the left hand side (4 degrees hotter) also when we start the car up hot air comes out first from the right hand side takes about 5-10 minutes to get cool if you call 17 degrees cool this is all it went down to, (left hand vent) seems as though any air through any vent on the rhs takes a while to cool down on either blow into car on on to screen any ideas please? Also would appreciate any comments on the temperature 16-17 degrees coming out of vents when set on lowest with full blow