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    Hi, new member and asking for help already!

    Hi everyone, first post and I need some help. I have just acquired an 1998 Audi A6 2.8 Quattro. Was alright on the test drive, as I took it real easy, not wanting to play with, at that point, someone elses property. Problem starts on the drive home, engine shows hesitation at low RPM. I have done a few hundred miles, and pinpointed the symptoms, will do my best to describe clearly. Here goes: Normally starts fine, sounds healthy and drive fine, until I go over ~3200 rpm, once this has been done, when the revs come below ~2300 rpm, any throttle gives major hesitation, its like no response from the throttle, until about 60% pedal travel, then it shunts back into power, but feels like misfiring, a bit like hitting a redline, it does overcome this, and gets smoother over 3000 rpm, but still lacks power, if i turn the ignition off then on again, it cures the problem, until I rev past 3200 again. I hope I make sense, other things to note, are the engine never reaches temperature, like the thermostat is stuck, not sure id it is the collant temp sensor or the thermostat is genuinely stuck open. Some people reckon coil packs, but this is just a common thing to say I think, has anybody had or heard of this problem, as it is quite specific, and can shed some light?

    Thanks for any help, even if it is just helping me elimnate other possibilites.

    ps Car has 186k miles, manual transmission, any more info just ask.

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    I'm not familiar with that engine but sounds a lot like its going into limp mode, a fault scan may give more clues
    2001 A6 1.9tdi SE Avant

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    Hi, just to update, I did a scan and got a fault code relating to throttle body basic settings, cant remember exactly, will edit when I have the code (its on another computer). I tried to do a throttle body alignment, but it would not complete, as the fault code would not clear, but after attempting to do so, the car now drives alot better. The hesitation is gone, the idle still drops a bit too low, but has never stalled, and after hunting for a couple seconds sem to stabilize. The throttle position is at 2% when Im not touching the throttle, is this normal, or should it be 0? Will give it a good clean when I get a chance and try again. I'm just pleased and surprised that I can now rev the engine without worrying about breaking 3200 rpm, hopefully doesnt return to how it was. Thanks.



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