Sorry to be a typical newbie and my second post to be a question, but I really need some advice on my A6. I purchased this car a week ago and immediately noticed the MPG calculator wasn't working in the DIS. The average speed works and the distance to refuel returns a value (albeit wrong, 1250 miles to next fill up - I wish!), but nothing for MPG on both computers 1 & 2.

A local garage with a VAG diagnostic took a look today, 0 error codes returned and after reseting via the OBD still nothing. I also disconnected the battery for an hour or so but still no joy.

The guy I bought it from tells me this only happened recently after he let the car run out of fuel. He advised that Audi stated this should reset itself after a couple of fill ups but I'm dubious.

Could anyone offer an opinion into what may be going on?