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    Glowplugs 2.5TDi v6

    Can anyone tell me what glowplugs I need for my 2002 2.5TDi v6 (155) please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sprintfast View Post
    Can anyone tell me what glowplugs I need for my 2002 2.5TDi v6 (155) please?
    Well worth replacing them. I did mine last year (2004 2.5tdi V6 allroad). 5 out of 6 of them were totally dead and did nothing when connected up to spare battery! Car was starting fine before but really fires up now! 1 of them was a total pain to get to, didn't have to remove anything to improve access but loads and loads of tiny turns with the socket set to unscrew it, can't remember which it was now, I think it was one of the ones nearer the front on the right - and it turned out to be the only 1 that didnt need changing!

    you can find which ones to get on they are about £12 each there. I acutally bought some bosch ones off ebay for a bit less about £40 for all 6 I think, no problem finding the right ones.

    Below is a copy off ELSA with details on how to change them:
    Removing and installing glow plugs
    Special tools and workshop equipment required
    t U/J extension and socket, 10 mm -3220-
    Switch off ignition.
    Detach glow plug connectors from glow plugs.
    Clean glow plug openings in cylinder head; make sure no dirt gets into cylinder.
    [IMG]file:///C:/ElsaWin/html/images/hinweis.gif[/IMG] Note
    t Cleaning procedure:
    t Use a vacuum cleaner to remove coarse dirt.
    t Spray brake cleaner or suitable cleaning agent into glow plug openings, let it work in briefly, and blow out with compressed air.
    t Then clean the glow plug openings using a cloth moistened with oil.
    To slacken the glow plugs use special tool U/J extension and socket, 10 mm -3220-
    [IMG]file:///C:/ElsaWin/html/images/hinweis.gif[/IMG] Note
    Before installing, coat threads of glow plugs with high-temperature paste → Parts catalogue, servicing materials.
    To tighten the glow plugs use special tool U/J extension and socket, 10 mm -3220- with a suitable torque wrench.
    Tightening torque: 18 Nm
    Attach glow plug connectors correctly and make sure they are securely fitted.



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