Hi guys I'm buying a 2005 A6 2.4se 6speed manual with 80k on the clock, it has audi history up to 70k, when I viewed the car the electronic handbrake wasn't working and the power steering was a bit noisy at full lock at low revs. the garage is changing the aux belt, sorting out the handbrake and giving it a oil and filter change. I'm no stranger to Audi's as have owned a S3 for nearly 2 years now and its had its fair share of niggles but I do like the car and have decided to get rid of the family c class in favour of the A6.

Anyway I just wanted to ask is there any known problems I should be looking out for and would I be right in thinking the engine has a timing chain rather than a belt, the car is fitted with the mmi basic plus what functions could I expect to have on this.