car is a 1998 1.8 (ADR)
got a fault code read and i'm getting 16496 - p0112 - (g42) signal too low.
i have replaced sensor with a new bosch part. erased code. upon restarting the car, the code reappears. does this mean it could be the wiring to the sensor that is faulty?
also been getting 17924 - p1516 - (n156) intake manifold valve circuit open.
when code is erased it doesn't come back straight away.

also noticed that the air flow meter is a hitachi part (afh60-10b) and i'm wondering if it is the correct part? Should it be a bosch one? i have no fault codes showing for the air meter, but could the above codes be related to the fact it's not a bosch part?

many thanks in advance.