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    Few questions --> S4

    Hi all,

    I am recently a proud owner of an S4 00 model here in Australia. Not too sure how many people log on from Aussy..

    It's a awsome car and very happy with it, however I have a few questions for you:

    --> What type of internals are used (Forged, etc..)in the 2.7TT V6?? What type of horsepower are we talking here (That the internals can handle)?

    --> I have read a few poeple put K04's on (from RS4), is the standard fuel system up for the job??

    --> Would I be right in saying the standard boost levels are about 9psi on stock turbos??

    --> Can the drivetrain/gear box handle much abuse when it comes to hard launch's (like 5000 rpm clucth drops)

    --> Can you fit much larger wheels on (like 19" wheels) and what is the maximum width (in inch's) you can run?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm super keen for the answers..



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    Re: Few questions --> S4

    You might want to read this.

    S4 to RS4

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    Re: Few questions --> S4

    Thanks for the link.

    Doesn't really say if he upgraded the internals or not..

    Really interested in knowing how much power the stock internals (and fuel system) can handle.



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    Re: Few questions --> S4

    Hey Rob,

    Congrats on an amazing car! I have the same car S4 00. What I did was upraged gradually from the standard 265 bhp to recently 470bhp. I had to go through 4 stages. First of all you can increase the bhp with a chip and new exhaust (miltek for ex) which is stage 1. Here you have pay attention the the Y hose; i.e. the ruber that comes on the Y pipe; it usually wears out very fast. Up until then, you can work it out by getting a reenforced Y hose rubber as the only internal thing. But as soon as you hit the turbos, then alot of things have to change, too many pipes, hoses, new intercoolers, air flow mass, air filter, intake manifold, fuel pump (very important), fly whell, clutch, suspension, front brakes, etc.... Once you jump to stage 2 and go over 340bhp, internals and external need to be changed. With so much horsepower, you will need the car to securely handle the pressure, high speeds and high temperatures.

    Hope it helps,


    PS: I did all my mods at sportek.

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    Re: Few questions --> S4

    Thank you for your reply.

    Just what I was after..

    If I can ask a couple more questions..

    Did you find with your exhaust (or do you know) how much power I can expect from a decent exhaust (Turbo back with high flow cats)? I read somewhere that you can not expect too much of a gain.

    Also is it worth putting in a new air filter and how restrictive is the standard air box?



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    Re: Few questions --> S4

    Well I would say tat you could gain anywhere around 10 bhp with a decent exhaust system. When you go for big upgrades, air filter is a must! Mine was changed into an RS4 one! Definitly needs to be done!




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