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    problems starting an 95 A4 1.6 - Any ideas??

    hi everyone, i have just joined and may i say its a great site you have here.

    I have a 1995 1.6 A4, I am having a really weird eratic starting problem. Basically some times the car will not start, the engine turns over but will not start. It takes a few minutes and several trys to get it to start. This is an eratic problem with no real pattern to it.

    One mechanic we talked to thinks that it might be related to the key. He says there is some kinda security device in the key that needs to be present for the car to start. We have two keys and both have the problem.

    We think its definatly a problem with the electrics, but we are not sure what.

    Have anyone else had similiar problems? Or any tips for me?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: problems starting an 95 A4 1.6 - Any ideas??

    Hi mate

    The mechanic is talking about the transponder (a tiny rod shaped piece inside the key), without it being sensed by its ignition barrel counterpart the car wont run proper. As you have tried two keys you may want to get the other part checked.

    I once had problem with this due to the muppets who fitted my Clifford alarm; but it was more a case of the car actually starting and then immediately cutting off, as opposed to just turning over as you described so dunno if that is the case.

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    Re: problems starting an 95 A4 1.6 - Any ideas??

    Hi Yaseen, yes its like you describe, the car starts then cuts out. How did you get your problem fixed?


    PS: There is no key symbol flashing that i can see.


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    Re: problems starting an 95 A4 1.6 - Any ideas??

    I think the key symbol came out on the later B5`s?

    Its unlikely that you have same problem as me as mine was very specific- but ive sent you pm of details incase it helps.

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    Re: problems starting an 95 A4 1.6 - Any ideas??

    Hello another novice to this forum
    I have a 1996 A4 1.6, been having starting problems similiar to yours.
    Turns out that I had two issuses, 1. was a small lead for the immobiliser running from the igntion switch, the other was a crank sensor. both showed up as error codes and are currently been replaced.
    Will let you know outcome.


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    Re: problems starting an 95 A4 1.6 - Any ideas??

    had a very similar starting problem with mine it would just turn over and flood itself ,it turned out to be the temp sender at the back of the head ,cost about 17 to replace.
    if have you noticed any problems with the temp gauge then change this.



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