hi all

i've got a 1996 a4 avant 1.9 tdi, it's got a power problem that i didn't realise + i'm getting quite a bit of black smoke (i'd always put that down to the high mileage, 180,000!)

got a few questions after i had some advise & the results of a recent vag-com scan.

first of all i was under the impression that my turbo actuator was knackered. to my suprise this did not show upon the vag-com. i recently had the ecu re mapped but with no real gains. the guy that done it spent around 2 hours trying to find out why the the map didn't work. he is convinced that the car should be faster even without the map but being my first audi + first diesel i was not sure. after he removed the actuator he found the bar to be floppy. he reckoned it should have pressure so i took his word and assumed it was useless. i done the scan to make sure before i replaced it but nothing showed up. does this item show on the vag-com if faulty? if not by the description of the floppy bar does it sound knackered?

on vag-com scanning a couple of other faults showed up......

00575 INTAKE MANIFOLD PRESSURE - 17-10 control difference intermittent.

can anyone give me any pointers as to how this will effect the car & how it can be fixed? could this be the reason the car is not as fast as it should be?

01265 EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION VALVE - 31-10 open or short to ground intermittent.

again any pointers on how to put right + could this be the reason for the black smoke?

thanks for looking, any help would be really appreciated.