Tried everything to make them fit. I have taken off my 19" Brabus wheel's
and was ready to slot on the BBS LM's for the winter . Received the wheel's in quick time and went to dry fit the wheel's before mounting some rubber . No chance the wheel was hitting the outer face of the S4 (front) caliper, and there was a gap of 50mm between the hub and wheel. Next (5 day's later ) the company i bought the wheel's from sent down 15mm & 20mm spacer's and longer bolts. I first tried the 20mm spacer, again they still hit the face of the caliper but were sitting on the hub. The poke of the wheel was stupid looking (roller skate). Both the brabus and the Lm's have the same offset. The brabus wheel's fit without any spacer's. I ran my old 18" s-line wheel's with the S4 set up without any problem's. I'm a little gutted that i can't run these LM's with this brake set up.. What wheel option's are there left ??