Am I right in thinking the SAI pump is down on the drivers side under the inner wing? Since the hose that joins to the air filter is there that feeds the pump it would be sensible to assume its near by?

I am trying to solve the hideous buzzing / grinding noise when the car is started from stone cold, and folk keep suggesting the SAI all over the net, but the noise actually comes from the right side of the head, under the intake runners. The abs pump is way over to the right of that so it cant be that, no codes or cel's at all, just a bloody embarrasing noise.

People ask "what the hell is that racket? Is your car f****ed?" - GRRRRRR!

When I fitted the cone filter - I just put a cloth filter over the SAI pipe end - maybe its gotten grit in it and thats whats wrong but I can't help thinking its coming from the wrong area to be the SAI.

I also heard some SAI fails on youtube, and it was like a whining jet sound - not the harsh gritty buzzing sound I am getting.

Anyone shed any light on this from personal experience?