I picked up a nail in one of my fronts this morning. When I went to change it, I remembered the spare had a slow puncture that I've been meaning to get changed for a while. Even then, the spare was down to 2mm on one section (& both rears weren't much better)

Using a 12V compressor, I managed to get enough air into the spare to make it driveable. I rang round a few places & managed to negotiate 300 all-in for a set of four Michelin Pilot Primacies (205/55x16, standard OEM size), valved, balanced (inside of the rims) & fitted.

This was at Setyres, a local indie that I've used before. When I got there, there were three guys free who immediately set to work on the Audi, & the whole job was done in 20 minutes. I'd recommend this place to anyone in the Bexleyheath/Sidcup area.