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Thread: 1.8T BEX Engine (190bhp) Information Thread

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    1.8T BEX Engine (190bhp) Information Thread

    I put this together 2 years ago on Audizine, I figuered I may as well post it here for others.

    Over time I have found that there are a few noticeable differences between the standard A4 1.8T and the BEX. I am not getting into specifics between other engine types this thread is for the BEX only.

    The BEX was sold as a 190bhp model of the B6 A4 1.8T and was available in FWD or Quattro. The 'T' for turbo in the badge on the rear of the car coloured in red noted that the car was a 190bhp model. From the engine bay the BEX stamp on the head identified that it was a 190bhp model and the engine cover also had the 1.8T Turbo inscription in Red.

    Engine Specifications:

    • 140 kW (190 hp) @ 5700 r/min
    • 240 Nm @ 1900–5500 r/min

    Pictures for reference:

    The following differences can be found between standard models and the BEX:

    • Additional Intercooler beneath the airbox
    • Larger Turbocharger
    • Different Exhaust Manifold
    • Larger Injectors
    • Larger Front Brake Discs
    • Different Flywheel and Pressure Plate
    • 01E (Getrag) Transmission with shorter Final Drive

    Dual Side Mount Intercoolers (DSMIC)

    • Stock Single Mounted Intercooler Part Number 8E0145806F / J
    • BEX Second Mounted Intercooler Part Number 8E0145805Q

    Link to VAGCAT.com

    DIY of Second Intercooler install

    Picture of my DSMIC before I fitted my front mount. (the ole green machine in the background, that was a great car!)

    Picture from ETKA for reference:


    • Stock Turbocharger K03 Part Number 058145703J
      Turbine: 40/45
    • BEX Turbocharger K03S Part Number 06B145703B
      Compressor: 38/51
      Turbine: 40/45

    Link to VAGCAT.com

    And for comparative purposes:

    K04-015 Specifications:
    Compressor: 38/51
    Turbine: 42/46

    Exhaust Manifold

    • BEX Part Number 06B 253 033AH
    • Stock Part Number 06B 253 033E

    Link to VAGCAT.com

    It seems from this thread that the manifolds are actually the same size. So the only real difference might just be the strength of the manifold it self.


    • Stock Injectors 282cc Part Number 06B133551M
    • BEX Injectors 317cc Part Number 06A906031BA

    Link to VAGCAT.com

    Note: Injector size taken from USRT website here.

    Front Brake Discs

    • Stock Discs for US Market are 288mm
    • BEX and BFB Engined Discs are 312mm

    • Stock Carrier Part Number 4B0615125B
    • BEX Carrier Part Number 4B0615125C

    • Stock Brake Disc Part Number 4A0615301C
    • BEX Brake Disc Part Number 4B0615301A

    Link to VAGCAT.com


    • Stock Flywheel Part Number 06B105266A (BFB), 06B105266E (AWA Chasis Number >> 8E-4-300 000), 06B105266F (AWA Chasis Number 8E-4-300 001>>)
    • BEX Flywheel Part Number 06B105266B

    Link to VAGCAT.com

    I have no information as of yet about what the difference is between the standard and BEX flywheel. I reckon it is probably the weight of the flywheel. I am going to weigh my one at some stage and report back. In the mean time if someone could weigh there standard flywheel so we can compare that would be great.

    Clutch Pressure Plate

    • Stock Part Number 06B141117D(X)
    • BEX Part Number 06B141117B(X)

    Link to VAGCAT.com

    Again not much information available here. The clutch disc seems to be the same for all engine codes so I would say there is slightly more clamping force on the BEX pressure plate.

    Gearbox Code for the BEX is GDZ/HER

    • Gearing for 02X Transmission
      1st 3.67
      2nd 2.05
      3rd 1.37
      4th 1.03
      5th 0.80
      6th 0.66

      Final Drive 4.11
    • Gearing for BEX 1.8T 01E Transmission
      1st 3.50
      2nd 1.89
      3rd 1.32
      4th 1.03
      5th 0.86
      6th 0.73

      Final Drive 4.38

    Link to VAGCAT.com

    Graph and data of 01E against 02X


    There seems to be different ECU part number for different engines also. Presumably this is just a software difference to accommodate different injector sizes and turbocharger sizes.

    Pictures of BEX Connecting Rods

    This is as much information as I have so far. If anyone has anything to contribute that would be great and I will try and keep this post as up to date and factual as possible.

    Also if you register on vagcat.com (online version of ETKA) all of the vagcat link I have posted above will link to the relevant exploded diagrams and part numbers.
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    Nice one, thank you.

    I will put a link to this thread in the DIY Guides and FAQ sticky.
    Ingolstance Read about my A6 HERE.



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