Had some fun and games with CV joints and drive-shafts lately!

I firstly noticed the nearside inner boot had split - it had been a while since I was last under the car, so I suspected it had possibly been split for up-to a month. I removed the shaft, fitted a new boot and grease - but the thing disintegrated about 200 miles later.

The grease I packed the joint with was green as opposed to the grey stuff that was in there originally - do the Audi CV joints require a specific grease?

I ended up replacing the drive-shaft with a 2nd hand part - which turned out to have a duff outer CV joint!
Received a 2nd - 2nd hand shaft yesterday, whilst I was under the car - I noticed the inner boot on the off-side had split during the space of a week .

So I have another 2nd hand shaft ordered now - at least I will have plenty of spares.
To be fair, I have probably caused the issue when fitting coilovers, as I expect the drive shafts now sit in a different place - the 10 year old boots may not have liked it.

Also, what is the deal with proper CV boot clips? - I purchased a proper clamp tool, decent clips but yet two decided to work themselves off even though they were clamped tightly.