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I'm struggling to understand the bit about undoing the cam shaft. Agreed if the timing is out you will need to undo the camshaft pulley bolts and adjust, but is it acceptable to fit the new belt and tension the belt first to see if the timing is out? i.e. it could be fine if belt is not too old and has not stretched? My timing is spot on right now and a really good mpg so i dont want to adjust if i dont have too.

If you put it all back together, run the engine and find the synchro angle does not equal zero, do you need to strip down and lock the crankshaft before adjusting the camshaft?
No its not acceptable to do it without undoing the cam sprocket

You risk moving the timing well out and you could cause piston to valve contact why risk it when its 3 bolts and its the correct procedure plus you won't get the correct tension on the belt

It will all make sense when you tension it up and see how much slack was in the belt