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    Advice needed on front lower suspension arm bush change.

    Hi, i'm fairly new to the forum and there appears to be allot of experienced people on here so i would like to pick your brains...

    I was having a good mooch around and noticed allot of the bushes were wearing quite badly and decided i would change them, this is something i have never done on an audi before. Ordered the parts, they arrived earlier this week decided i'd do the swap today.. got the drop links off, disconnected the bottom fork of the shock and moved it out the way only to find that the bush appears to be very difference to the one i have.

    this is the currently installed factory bush, as you can see it is quite worn.

    2013-03-02 14.16.06.jpg

    and this is the new bush i was going to install.

    2013-03-02 14.16.32.jpg

    I had re-assembled it all before i thought to take pictures but you get the idea. I had the thought that maybe the metal sleeve is pulled off as the new bush is installed, i've had a good google and can't find any guides or anything that tells me the correct way to install it or if i need a special tool. I had planned to use the oversized socket and washer trick to pull it in.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks, alex
    2004 Audi A4 2.5 Tdi Quattro Sport trip

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    I think you might have the wrong bush ...I don't think that bush is available to order on its own but I could be wrong you might have to get a new lower arm

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    I've been looking and found this:

    Front Track Control Arm/Wishbone, Lower Front AUDI A4 00- TRW | eBay

    the bush appears to have a metal sleeve around it and checks out to be compatible. think it would be worth me taking the arm off completely and having a look? could get a better look and shouldn't be a problem as i pretty much had it all off earlier.
    2004 Audi A4 2.5 Tdi Quattro Sport trip



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