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    Oil question for 2.0 n/a FSI owners

    Hi All,

    Forgive me if this has been covered I done a search but could only see reference to turbo engines,

    I like to keep an eye on my fluid levels on a weekly basis when I clean my car, I noticed over a period of a month or so my oil level was getting lower - I wasn't really fussed as I am due a service soon anyhow but I had to do a long unplanned journey at the weekend so to be on the safe side I topped up with 5w30.

    Performance wise nothing has changed but sound wise it sounds different I feel, it's a bit too tappey under load, I've never noticed it before - sounds kind of like a couple of ball bearings in a tin being shook but not as loud as that obviously as then we would have a real problem!! It can only be heard when accelerating I am guessing it's because I am using a thinner grade oil would this sound logical?

    Can anyone tell me what I should be using for a 80k engine. Sorry if I had a handbook I would most certainly look in it but I don't have one I am afraid.

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    Anyone else with a 2.0 engine who can help out here?
    Ingolstance Read about my A6 HERE.

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    I have an A4 2.0 Alt engine and I use 5w30 Fully Synthetic. I regularly change my oil as don't bother too much with the long life service. Currently I have Castrol Magnetic in my motor and I have noticed a difference in the sound of the engine at its much quieter and more smoother I must say I am very happy with this oil. I hope this information is of some use to you! I don't have my handbook to hand at the moment, but I will check for you tomorrow!


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