Hello there,

I'm new to this scene..I need some quick advice on which one these cars to buy..

Car 1: 1999.5 A4 1.8T, sliver with black int, 60km, excellent condition, no accidents, auto, nice and clean with 16inch rims and a extra set or rims with new snow tires..price is $18K canadain

Car 2: 2001 A4 1.8t, also silver and black, 74km, this car has 2 yrs warrenty remaining., the car has had a front end accident in the amount of 10K ( fixed well ) plus 2 more minor accidents..this car comes with the 17inch rims and the extra 20 or so horsepower of the 2001..price is $19K Canadian..This car has been driven hard, I guess the way it was meant to..

Any advice will help..Thanks