my gps antenna is playing up (well thats what i think is wrong) i took all the cover of inside the boot but i am not sure which isthe gps antenna, i think its the pcb with the part number 8H0 919 889a its connected with a blue fakra connection, but i am not 100% sure

2nd question is. if i get the gps antenna that are available from ebay for around 10 can i just fit them in the boot instead of installing it in the instrument cluster like all the guides i have seen? ( I know i will need a connector as both the connections will be same) this way i will also be able to establish if its the antenna thats faulty or the cable has snapped in the hinge ( i had this problem in 96 audi cab 2.8 but that was after 13years ofuse notjust 6 which is the case in this.

apologies if its in the wrong forum