I'm not sure which forum is best for this, so thought I'd start with the most car model specific.

I have an 8P S3, and I also have a ScanGauge II (http://www.scangauge.com/) which I have used in my previous and other current VAG cars to gather and display a range of information. I like the ScanGauge because of its real-time driver display capabilities, which are obviously much more convenient to use as a driver than VAG-COM (a great product for logging etc).

For example, the ScanGauge allows me to monitor battery voltage, coolant temp, air intake temp, closed/open loop, throttle position, load etc. All handy stuff

ScanGauge has the ability to code some custom gauges, and it's in this area I'm seeking help. I'd like to know if anyone else (a) has this tool and (b) has developed any XGauges for the 8P S3 (or 2.0 TFSI) covering specifically boost, and injector or fuel pump duty cycle.

Thanks for your help...or please direct me to a more relevant sub-forum.