Coud anyone with the service software please advise the correct torque for the plastic cap on the oil filter housing for a 2.0 TDI?

I think the cap has 25nM moulded onto it but that seems an awful lot for a plastic cap and I'd really appreciate it if someone can confirm before I wreck the thing....

Normal cannister oil filters are just twisted on hand tight - and I can't really believe it seens to be that tight so perhaps I'm missing a decimal point?

Thanks in anticipation

(PS 4.5 litre can of 507.00 spec longlife oil cost me just 19 from Partco this week, that's just 4.20 per litre..... - and he apologised about expensive it was and checked I really wanted VW longlife spec oil as he had "ordinary" 5W30 fully synthetic much cheaper....)