Hey Guys, quick questions. I've got the S-line RS6 alloys on my car, and i need four new tyres. To get relatively decent tyres I'm looking at around £400 all in (balancing, fitting etc).
Also, each one of my wheels has a little curbing on it - no big scratches on the spokes, but cosmetic damage to the rims - could be refurbished easily and cheaply.

So, I've been thinking about maybe buying some new alloys - as they don't seem to be that expensive...
I've been looking at RS4 reps, and there are two sets here which are good value:

<A href="http://www.alloywheels.com/search.asp?strKeywords=5x112%20et42,%205x112%20et4 5,%205x112%20et48,5x112/57-1%20et42,5x112/57-1%20et45&strSize=18"&strSort=Low&numRecordPosition =6&strSearchCriteria=any&PT_ID=all&Make=Audi&Model =A3%2003">http://www.alloywheels.com/search.asp?strKeywords=5x112%20et42,%205x112%20et4 5,%205x112%20et48,5x112/57-1%20et42,5x112/57-1%20et45&strSize=18"&strSort=Low&numRecordPosition =6&strSearchCriteria=any&PT_ID=all&Make=Audi&Model =A3%2003>

I would also take a tyre upgrade and spend around £560 all in, which is only £160 more than changing all my tyres on the original wheels. I would consider that a good deal. But first, I just wanted to ask the following questions to make sure:

1) Are these wheels likely to be poor quality, soft and heavy?
2) will that make much difference (i.e. handling)?
3) what are my current wheels worth (current condition/refurbished)? I've seen some sets in good nick on ebay selling for over £600!
4) Given (3) would having reps on my car and not original S-line wheels affect its value?

Thanks in advance, depending on what you all think I'd order them this week!