Had a search and could`nt find owt...My 3.2 has a strange fault (might not be a fault) in that every now and again,sometimes once a week,sometimes once a month, when I`m at junctions or in traffic and I put it into `N` while waiting, it revs up to about 1100rpm on its own,then when I drive off it sorts itself out, I have no warning lights or lack of performance etc but I have had the car a couple of years and its not done this before??? If I was in traffic for a while I`m a little concerned it might get a tad warm, as when it does do it,it wont clear untill I drive off,or give it a big blip of the throttle-which makes me look a tit if I`m stuck in traffic ...I have been in to the stealers and they say its all ok? Anyone else had this happen??? ...Thanx Wes.