With my unfortunate recent happenings, the front bumper will have to be replaced as well as the grill as theres just too many scratches and crack on it.
Now I have been basically been given 2 prices:

A) Split frame, grills, front bumper + bonnet - 340
B) Single frame, grills, front bumper + bonnet - 500

A) Split frame > spray chrome grill to gloss black to get the Optics grill effect.
- Saves me money.
- The split frame looks abit more reserved.
- In saying the above, the single frame does seem to have more venom.

B) Single frame > definitely Optics frame would be on there.
- Costs more.
- Has the newer style front.
- The single frame can be abit too much.

I was wondering if someone would kindly do a photoshop on my car as if my chrome grill was gloss black so I could see what it would look like if I done option A. I'd much appreciate that.

Thank you