I'm new to Audi and this forum. I've been reading the threads for a couple of months, this is only my second post!

I made a decision when I ordered my A3 not to spec the bluetooth carkit, this was based on a compatibility issue with my phone. Now I have the car, I really wished I'd order it and changed my phone!

I've looked at aftermarket kits and I've decided to go for the Parrot CK3000. However, I don't really want the remote visible in the car. With this in mind, I've been trying to source the adapter to integrate the carkit with the multi-function steering wheel, but it only appears to be available in the US.

After holding discussions with fitbluetooth, they are now able to offer the adapter that integrates a couple of the parrot carkits with the MFSW.

Although fitbluetooth haven't taken delivery, they assure me they are on the way.

I've tried adding a couple of URLs for more info, but I'm unable to because I'm a novice! There is also some useful information on the parrot forums, just do a search for Audi.

Hope this helps the people who have asked this question previously.